Author: Macen S.

  • Nintendo Switch: Release Date Announced for March 3, 2017!
  • However, Pre-Orders Are Not Yet Available
  • Nintendo is Hosting Live Play Events Where Gamers Can Test-Drive the Switch Before Making the Decision to Buy
  • Locations for These Events are on the Nintendo Switch Website
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Announced as a Day 1 Launch Title!
  • Make Sure to Check Our Shop for T-Shirt and Merch Sales!

Pokémon GO!

author image by Macen Sanders | Games News | 10,743 Comments | 10 Jun 2016

Hello fellow trainers! Today, we take a huge leap in Pokémon entertainment with the North American field testing of Pokémon GO! With the heavily restricted disclosure, we aren’t able to provide detailed information regarding the game just yet, however, we…

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