Battlefield 1 Officially Announced

  • Nintendo Switch: Release Date Announced for March 3, 2017!
  • However, Pre-Orders Are Not Yet Available
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Announced as a Day 1 Launch Title!
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It’s not just trench warfare! Gamers are being presented with much, much more! Just look at that flamethrower! And the biological warfare! Biplanes?! HORSES?!……..wait. Horses? That’s right! The rumors turned out to be true. The next installment for the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1, takes place during World War I where horses in the battlefield were still a thing (which, lets be honest, those horses were f*%@ed going against all those bullets).

The trailer truly packs a punch and it appears the team at DICE took some notes from their previous title, Battlefront, as the trailer looks absolutely stunning. But not just the graphical nature of the trailer, the mechanics, the architecture, the sound. If you’ve played Star Wars: Battlefront at all, you might agree that the best thing about that game is it makes you feel as if you are smack dab in the middle of that universe with its sound and graphic effects.

Obviously there is a ton to be excited about just from this trailer alone. Some of what stood out was the use of horses in the game – which could be interesting when it comes to horses versus tanks, and when I say interesting, I mean we’re eating horse meat for dinner (or not. Because, you know. Tanks. They blow s@*t up. Nothing left.) – and of course biological warfare and flamethrowers.

Why did I just get a sense this game is going to be a magnet for trolls…?

There is a great deal of content unloaded in this trailer, and I’m sure we will all be picking at this thing to its bare bones to uncover as much as possible. But I suspect there is much more to come from DICE regarding this new installment to be shared during E3 2016 in June. Battlefield 1 is set for release this fall on October 21, 2016.

What are your thoughts about this trailer and the direction DICE is heading in?


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