Civilization VI Due out This Fall 2016

  • Nintendo Switch: Release Date Announced for March 3, 2017!
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Announced as a Day 1 Launch Title!
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Personally, I am stoked about this announcement! Brave New World was amazing (minus Ghandi being a total d-bag), and while Beyond Earth was great, it left a bit to be desired. Truthfully, I was hoping that Firaxis Games was actually going to enhance CIV: BE as I enjoy the aspect of traveling to different worlds and working within the different ecosystems. However, with some of the new features announced for  Civilization VI, I am excited to play.


(Actual screenshot from Civilization VI)

According to Kotaku, this new installment will focus more on expanding diplomacy, but that cities will now expand on the map and units can be combined into a single tile. More details are to come from Firaxis over the coming months. Stay tuned to find out more. What do you think about this announcement?

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