New Battlefield Teased!

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If you have not heard by now, EA and DICE have teased that the announcement for their next Battlefield installment will take place in just under 7 days as of this posting. You can check the announcement and sign up to be part of the first to hear about it by visiting and signing up with them. Or, you know, you can just check here.

The last Battlefield game released was back in 2013 with Battlefield 4, right at the cusp of the new console releases and was one of the first games available for the next-gen consoles. That was three years ago. THREE. YEARS. S#!t.

Anyways, the rumors surrounding the next installment are saying that the game will focus on the World War 1 era. I mean, who the f*#k isn’t excited for trench warfare?! EA plans to announce the new game along with some of its details in about a weeks time, ahead of E3 2016 in June. Obviously more details about the game are more than likely to be revealed at E3, but we should be able to get a pretty good look at whats to come for the next Battlefield game at the announcement.

We will post an update here on with the announcement details.

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