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If you have not heard, Watch Dogs 2 was recently announced world-wide just shy of E3 2016. The US release trailer above looks great and it is quite evident that Ubisoft has truly upped their game with the second edition of this franchise. However, after the major bust of the first game, I would recommend taking this trailer with a grain of salt. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves here. Ubisoft may have learned a valuable lesson from the first Watch Dogs that they could surprise us all this coming week at E3 2016.

Ubisoft has their Press Conference planned for this Monday, June 13 @ 1:00pm Pacific time, and I’m more than certain WD2 will be more than discussed. If you cannot catch the live Press conference, make sure to check here for updates.

Lets Discuss: How do YOU feel about the new Watch Dogs game? Skeptical? Optimistic? Will you eagerly be watching the press conferences on Monday? Let us know below.

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